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June 16, 2011


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Sounds like you guys had a good week. I love all her work!


Thanks! :-)

Miranda (homeschooln2qts from the HoD Board)

What a great post! I loved your dd's English writing assignment. She is so good at really putting you "in the moment" of thinking about how she will enter the pool. Makes me want to go swimming so I can do a cannon ball! :-D

And what a cool science experiment! I can't wait to do that one next year with my ds.


Thanks, Miranda. :-)

Dusty(dustybug on HOD boards)

I've thought about doing the three on, one off thing, but I think that I would get lazy about it and the one week off would go for like two...lol. Great post! I love the experiment!


Dusty, thanks for stopping by! :-) I'll update on the 3/1 schedule.....It's the first time we've tried it, and won't always fall out that way----but I'm hoping to use the off week to prep for the next 3, and catch up on house projects, etc. We shall see.

Rebecca Foxworth

I'm loving your posts, and they helped my 6th grader and I choose HOD CTC for next year. I have a question for you...we are VERY limited on funds. I am going to "bite the bullett" and order the economy package, PLUS the first used of the history readers (Dinosaurs of Eden) AND the first used of the extensions for older students, then order the other history and reading books as the year progresses. The problem? I have no idea what the first extension reader is. Would it be unethical of you to check the extension schedule in the back of the manual so I can include that reader WITH my first order, rather than having to order it separately and pay separate shipping? If you could, I'd SO appreciate it.


Rebecca, thanks for stopping by! I sent an email to you (via the email you used for the comment). Hope that helps. :-)

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