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    June 2012- May 2013
    6th year homeschooling
    Teacher/Mom: Kim
    5th Grader: Dancer Girl ("DG")
    Homeschooling Style: Charlotte Mason focused

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January 06, 2012


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Kim, what a great week. I love all the pictures.
Yes, we are still using Latin for Children. With Thanksgiving and CHRISTmas we are way 'behind' but oh well ;)

Ann Ellis

Hi Kim, Ann here also doing CTC with an only 11 yr old dd!

You're exactly one week a head of us! Doing the bird experiment tomorrow!



Linda, thanks for your reply and for stopping by!

Ann, how neat that we are so close in our unit work in CTC and in homeschooling daughters close in age. Thanks for stopping by as well!


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